Eparency fast cure ultra clear epoxy resin

Eparency FAST CURING Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin 2:1




100% Australian owned and Australian manufactured


This Ultra/Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is a 'top of the line' water clear superior performance epoxy system that can be used for casting, jewellery, coastersJewellery, Surfboards, Bench Tops, Boat repairs, Floor and Bench Top coating— A truly quality multi purpose resin that contains no solvents!


Great for the hobbyist when making Jewellery or items that require a crystal clear resin that possesses Superior durability.


No VOC; Zero Solvent; BPA Free; Eco Friendly; Meet and Exceed Australian Standard AS 2311-2017 and ASTM D3960-05


***Please note 3L and over may be sent from the warehouse if we don't have stock.  Also these may not be able to be express posted. Please contact us first.


  • Standard Pour Depth


  • Ratio

    2:1 By volume

  • UV Resistant Formula

    Added UV Inhibitors resist yellowing

  • Temperature

    Ultra Clear can withstand surface temperatures around 80-85oC (resisting marks from hot drinks etc)

  • Pot Life

    Pot life(working time): 1-2 hours (Data based on 100ml mixing; 20 degree C room temperature). Please pour this product into mould as soon as possible, to avoid bubbling.

  • Curing time

    Time to reach non-tacky: 5-18 hrs Depending on the room temperature (Data based on 100ml mixing)

    Time to reach full cure: 24 hrs (Data based on 100ml mixing)

  • Viscosity

     600 cps for Part A (Brookfield 20 rpm)150 cps for Part B (Brookfield 20 rpm)

  • Clarity

    Pt-Co value < 10 for both Part A and Part B

  • Compatibility

    Binding to metal, inorganic materials including cement; stone, natural materials including wood; particle board, most plastics except polyethylene, polypropylene, EPDM